This website started as a Digital Humanities M.A. thesis project, but was inspired by the lack of credible Viking information on the web.

Some Viking websites are wonderfully researched, clear, and accessible. The BBC does a great history site with information on Vikings aimed at both adults and children . Sadly, this level of quality is the exception rather than the rule. A lot (but by no means all) of Viking-centered web-sites tend towards the new age or a view of the Vikings seen through a very thick popular culture lens.

This site aspires towards the level of quality provided by the BBC, but with a slightly different focus. Instead of providing explanatory articles explaining different facets of the Viking Age, this site hopes to encourage the users’ interpretation of the first Viking Age. To meet this goal it facilitates access to the primary source texts and the archaeological data along with helpful maps and timelines.

Digital Humanities is all about bringing new technology into the humanities fields. In this spirit, I have created a how-to guide for all the different parts of this site. These step-by-step instructions are written from the perspective of a graduate student who two years ago (and still sometimes does) thought computers ran by magic. Educators, students, and experienced humanities professionals can use this guide to create a similar site or these tools to enhance their own projects.


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